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Healthcare organizations need to digitize their document workflows while delivering a familiar and personal patient care experience during registration, diagnosis, consent and treatment.

Instant form digitization Real-time conversion of handwritten content on paper forms into digital format with no scanning required

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Extremely Efficient
Saves time and paper cost by eliminating the need to print, scan, and retrieve paper
Familiar User Experience
Customers can still fill out familiar paper forms on the electronic clipboard
Instant Digitization
Real-time conversion of handwritten content on paper forms into digital format with no scanning required
Biometric Accuracy
Secure, biometric electronic signatures can be attached to the digital document.

Product Video

PHU-111 Product Function

Find out what you can do with Wacom PHU-111

PHU-111 Product overview

PHU-111 helps businesses turn paper Documents to digital in real-time

Work Flow

Current situation
With Wacom PHU-111

Simple workflow with no major changes or technology learning required !
Doctors can focus on consulting with the patients, NOT working with software !

Other Use Case Example

  • Public

    Electronic application form at the reception desk

    Documents written on paper can be converted into digital data by “writing” the same feeling as paper application forms.

    Use case example

    • Various applications at reception desks
    • Records when your staff out of office and interview records
  • Service&Maintenance

    Digitization on inspection book

    As usual, you can simply change to digital data by handwriting on the paper check book inserted in the “clipboard”.

    Use case example

    • Maintenance records for office equipment
    • Receipt record of rental car and rental equipment
  • Others

    Digitization of design and handwritten notes

    It can be reduced the burden of processing and re-input after returning to the office, since the rough drawings and designs written paper becomes digital data directly.

    Use case example

    • House floor plans and renovation drawings and notes at the meeting
    • Handwritten recording of measurements and work at stores and work sites

Case Study

“ The Wacom Clipboard has enabled us to maintain the intuitive prescription issuing and fulfillment experience for doctors and their patients, while digitizing the entire workflow ”

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