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Wacom Ink SDK for verification

Real-time fraud prevention

Handwritten signatures are still the most natural, meaningful way to confirm your identity when making big decisions or approving significant transactions. Wacom’s digital pen technology makes capturing handwritten signatures digitally as easy as using pen and paper.

But when signing an important document, it’s vital to ensure that the signature is genuine. This can be tricky when a company employee and a customer don’t know each other by sight. So, how do spot someone who’s trying to fake a signature?

About Wacom Ink SDK for Verification _ Solutions details


How Wacom Ink SDK for verification enables efficient, fast and highly accurate handwritten signature verification.

About Wacom Ink SDK for Verification _ Technology explained





About Wacom Ink SDK for


About Wacom Ink SDK for Verification _
Use Case

Wacom Ink SDK for Verification can be used to validate handwritten electronic signatures dynamically at the point of signing, or after the fact during fraud investigations.
There are so many situations where you can think of personal verification necessity

Statistics _ About the outlook for future fraud cases India

Corporate frauds set to rise in next two years due to Covid, work from home:
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India


Case study


Learn how a leading system integrator in Thailand is using Wacom digital pens and handwritten signature verification technology to help national banks protect their transactions.

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Wacom Ink SDK
for Verification


Real-time fraud prevention


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At Wacom we have 35+ years of experience helping people apply digital technologies. The combination of human experience with digital advantage lies at the heart of all that we do.
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After over thirty years, Wacom’s hardware still leads the global market in digital pen, signature pad, smart pad and pen display devices.

Today, Wacom devices are helping organizations of all kinds replace paper document workflows with more efficient paper-digital hybrid or fully digital alternatives.