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Enabling familiar, consistently accurate handwritten electronic signatures within in-person document workflows.

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From banking contract to mortgages, a signature is still the most familiar and personal way to prove your commitment in important, decision-making moments.

But workflows requiring in-person signatures are inefficient and time-consuming to complete when they rely solely on paper. Wacom’s solutions for Signature Capture bridge that gap.


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Wacom’s solutions to help organizations digitize in-person workflows.

What’s more, our digital ink software, based on Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) technology, enables biometrically accurate digital ink to be rendered beautifully and consistently within a wide range of applications, and on any device.


Why Wacom?

TOP3 reasons to choose Wacom for Business e-signature

With multiple eSignature vendors out there, we know you have a lot of choices.
But there are a few key factors that we think, help raise Wacom above the rest, including:



Wacom’s Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) sensors collect up to 200 data points per second. Combined with our proprietary Wacom Ink Layer Language(WILL), this data allows us to deliver a lifelike electronic signature that looks just like pen on paper!



Did you know your signature data(like pressure, speed and angle) can be used for biometric signature verification?

Wacom allows integrators to embed this data behind every signature along with date/time stamps and unique hardware IDs to ensure you have a robust audit trail for your signed documents.



All Wacom devices are equipped with a hardened glass surface that has been proven to keep your device looking like new – even after hundreds of thousands of signatures. Our EMR sensors are embedded behind the glass, protecting them from wear and tear.

The EMR sensors also powers the pen, eliminating the need for batteries and cords that often need to be replaced.

Wacom core technology

Patented Wacom technologies are the power behind the new generation of Wacom solutions.


Signature pad case study



12 Banks (formerly 45)
45 – 55 % Spanish Financial Sector
> 20,000 Branches
113,000 Employees
Implementation of e-Signature solution
  • Reporting - Actual Data (not samples)
  • Security – Biometric Validation
  • Agility – speed up processes
  • Storage – 1 billion docs = 9,000 tons of Paper
Total savings of over
  • EUR 40million per annum
  • Payback in less than 9 months
Over 30,000 Wacom Signature Pads

Public Sector






Wacom e-signature solutions

Data Sheet

Wacom Solutions

Signature Pad



Wacom’s most advanced color
LCD signature pad.

Data Sheet

Other data sheet

Evaluation of WACOM’S Electronic Handwritten Signature Technology 
A Whitepaper by Dr. Steven Strach, Michelle Novotny, Andrea Devlin, February 2018


Who we are

At Wacom we have 35+ years of experience helping people apply digital technologies. The combination of human experience with digital advantage lies at the heart of all that we do.
Our purpose for business is to help organizations be human and digital – across all sectors and industries – be that healthcare, education or banking. Our ‘human digital’ technology solutions are wide ranging, encompassing digital pen and ink, digital handwriting and annotation, digital form-filling and digital signatures.

After over thirty years, Wacom’s hardware still leads the global market in digital pen, signature pad, smart pad and pen display devices.

Today, Wacom devices are helping organizations of all kinds replace paper document workflows with more efficient paper-digital hybrid or fully digital alternatives.