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Right now, our global network of expert partners are helping hundreds of organizations save time, money,
and eliminate paper waste with digital processes that just work.
They know exactly which Wacom devices to use, to deliver the process efficiencies and user experiences
that delight their customers, year after year.

Current workflow

Many business processes are still paper based

  • Why are meeting materials still printed and distributed?
  • Why are application forms still printed for completion?
  • Why are models and drawings created in CAD printed and used for instructions?

One of the reasons is that it is still necessary to write on the paper.

As a result, the entire business process is not necessarily efficient, leading to substantial paper management and storage costs.


About Wacom paperless Solutions

What are paperless Solutions?

All your current paperwork flows can be digitized and eliminate paper.
However, Wacom paperless solution does not disrupt your current workflow and Wacom Pen and Devices provide the same user experience as paper and pen.

Benefit of digitization of paper workflow

・Reduce costs related to paper processing,
scanning, archiving, storing, and transporting
・It can drastically improve the current workflow
as you no longer stick to a paper workflow.
・It improves customer satisfaction
by providing a smooth service.

Paperless case study


12 Banks (formerly 45)
45 – 55 % Spanish Financial Sector
> 20,000 Branches
113,000 Employees

Implementation of e-Signature solution
・Reporting - Actual Data (not samples)
・Security – Biometric Validation
・Agility – speed up processes
・Storage – 1 billion docs = 9,000 tons of Paper

Total savings of over
・EUR 40million per annum ・Payback in less than 9 months Over 30,000 Wacom Signature Pads

Other paperless case studies(Video)

Over the last decade we have been solving our customers’ workflow problems and burdens with Wacom Paperless solutions. Here is what we have done for our business partners across the world.

Public sector
& Service
& Tourism

Wacom Paperless Solution case study (PDF)

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Public sector
& Tourism

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Wacom Paperless Solution products

We provide two types of product solutions for our customers, tailored to meet their needs and integrate with their systems applications.

Signature Pad

For those who need an e-singnature Solutions

Pen Displays

For those who need to view an entire document and write and annotate on the display

Smart Pad

For those who need to have Pen and paper feel workflow

Signature Pad Products


Wacom’s most advanced color
LCD signature pad.


A full-featured monochrome
LCD signature pad.

Pen Displays

DTK-2451 / DTH-2452

Wacom’s largest ever full-HD pen displays for supremely comfortable working.


Ideal for e-document viewing, editing and signing in native portrait mode.


A compact color pen and touch display perfectly suited for VDI environments.


With a 10.1” Full HD resolution LCD and state-of-the-art encryption, the USB-powered Wacom DTU-1141B Pen Display is a best-in-class eDocument solution.

Smart Pad


Real-time conversion of paper forms into digital format with no scanning required, enabled by the CLB Paper client app,and CLB Create form authoring app.

For limited period, special price offer.
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Wacom Pen Displays Watch Full Version Video

Use case

Wacom Signature Pad Watch Full Version Video

Use case

Wacom Device in General

Wacom Paperless Solutions vs Paper workflow
The advantage of Wacom Device
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